Lloyd White

Property Manager

Lloyd joined Capital Associates in 2010 as a Building Engineer working alongside several property managers.  He held this position for eight and a half years providing superior service to properties including Springfield Place, Plaza Place, Systel Business Center, Durant Medical Center, Health Park at Wakefield, and Madison Park III.

In 2018, Lloyd was promoted to Assistant Property Manager for Springfield Place, Plaza Place, Systel Business Center, and Durant Medical Center. His responsibilities include overseeing all phases of building operations and maintenance as well as tenant fit-up construction for over 200,000 square feet of “Class A” office space.  In 2019, Lloyd also began managing Health Park at Wakefield and Madison Park III increasing his portfolio to nearly 300,000 square feet of “Class A” office space in Raleigh.  Lloyd’s longtime experience with his properties prior to assuming their management allows him to strengthen his exemplary tenant relationships while training and supervising his current building engineer.  He leverages the strong vendor relationships developed over his years with Capital Associates to cut costs and provide fast response times for his tenants.

Lloyd is a native of Montreal, Quebec and moved to North Carolina in 2002 after residing in Northern Virginia for several years.  His educational and prior professional backgrounds include accounting, sales, management, and the culinary arts.